The Truth About Swim Fins


Increase fitness and cardiovascular conditioning
Increase ankle flexibility
Develop leg and swim kick strength
Improve body position and technique so you can swim fast


Foot-Pocket Design that leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles in the upper thigh
Snappy Blade Design promotes high turnover, with power and recovery for aerobic workout
How Force Fins are made, hand crafted in the USA using highest quality polyurethane


We’ve been designing and making improvements to fins for over 30 years, with millions of satisfied customers, and many major product design awards under our belts, we can honestly say that we are the experts in fin design. That’s all we do, and we think our innovative fins are without equal in terms of comfort, efficiency, durability, performance, versatility and sheer value for your money.

We offer a variety of fins and each as been developed in response to your needs, comments and suggestions. Studying marine animal locomotion and human biomechanics, we have researched and designed our fins to take advantage of the laws of nature and physics. Not to mention common sense.

Open Toe Pocket Design

Slim Fin fins for swimming


Unlike all other fins, even those with open toe boxes, only FORCE FIN swimming fins are designed to concentrate the force of the blade further back on the foot, using the muscles of the whole leg, not just the lower leg.

Your toes are free to wiggle about to feel the water.

Patented Blade Design

Force Fins fins do not have flat blades like most other brands. Instead the blade curves up or away from the bottom of your foot to provide more resistance on the power or downward (during freestyle) phase of the kick. The blade then snaps back to assist on the recovery. This two-stroke cycle does several things for a swimmer:

By kicking against a load that provides for a separate power and recovery cycle as opposed to the traditional power-power cycle of other fins, oxygen depletion is reduced, the legs and body work more aerobically and less anaerobically, and swimmers can maintain their workout efforts for longer periods of time.

Independent research has shown less lactic acid buildup (lactic acid is the proof of anaerobic activity) and more oxygen absorption with Force Fins. Flat fins, other fins bring on symptoms of fatigue and cramping more quickly.

Other fins, flat fins want to go through the water along the path of least resistance, which is sideways! Don’t believe it? Hold a flat, heavy object at the surface of the water, let go and watch what happens. It turns on its edge and heads for the bottom. Or, if it’s light like a sheet of paper, it will zig-zag or “dish” its way down. Neither action is going to help your kicking. With flat fins – even small or cutoff flat fins – a swimmer is constantly fighting all this twisting and torquing, and any effort spent this way is wasted.


Force Fins are our original design, and being somewhat larger than Slim Fins, they provide a more concentrated leg workout (more resistance). They are a more versatile fin, in that they can be used for other sports, such as snorkeling, SCUBA and float tube fishing. From a swimming perspective, they are a very specific training tool and are excellent for butterfly, “new-wave” breaststroke, and the backstroke dolphin kick.

Slim Fins are narrower than the Force Fin and are specifically designed for pool swimming – especially freestyle – applications. With Slim Fins, the blades don’t touch, flip turns are no problem, and high stroke turnover or cadence is easily maintained. Slim Fins can be used either while swimming or in kicking-only drills. They receive the highest recommendations from swimming coaches and professionals, and will do the best job for and are probably the best choice for most swimmers.


MADE IN USAManufactured in the USA and backed by more than 30 years of research and development, Force Fin swimming fins are made of ultraviolet-, abrasion- and chemical-resistant polyurethane and heat-treated for 16 hours at temperatures where other fins melt. This process allows the molecules to cross-link giving the blade its snappy, high-performance characteristics and extreme durability. Unlike other brands, Force Fin swimming fins will not melt on hot pool decks or mark the sides of pools, and should last season after season, even when used daily.

We could go on forever describing the unique benefits of using Force Fin swimming fins to improve your swimming. But there’s only one way to really find out why our fins are the best swimming fins in the world: try a pair you will be happy!