Force Fin Challenge

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Force Fins Work for You

The Force Fin Challenge is a test you can do for yourself and on your own. It will tell you how well your fins are working for you, or if you are working for them.

Force Fins work for you and harness the force of the water to maximize thrust with each kick. That means more speed with less energy expended by you. To prove our point, we offer this test and challenge:

Take the heel strForce Fin, kick finsaps off any other fins and kick; Do this test in a pool only as your terrestris, flat fins will fall off. That’s the drag of the fins working against you. Drag is the resistance you feel when kicking against these other fins.

No matter how secure it may feel. No matter how it may make you think you are moving. That feeling of resistance is working against you when in the water.

Try the same test with Force Fins; they will not kick off. With each kick, Force Fins drive you forward with the in-water freedom of an aquatic being.

If you want to drag your fins through the water, then your choice of terrestris fins, all other fins, is vast.

If you want the freedom of an aquatic being, with fins efficiently propelling you with each kick, then there is but one choice – Force Fin.