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       Telephone: (903) 757-4327
  Superior Scuba Center
501 East Marshall Ave.
Longview, TX 75601
About Superior Scuba Center

Superior Scuba Centers a full service dive shop. They offer certification from open water to instructor divers. They also work with handicapped divers, and children. They train all the municipal agencies in their area such as the Police, Sheriff, and Fire Departments. They have their own search and rescue team that offers 24 hr. service.

Superior Scuba Center is not just a retail dive shop. They build their own surface supplied air rigs called Hookah Diving Rigs. The also cater to the Commercial dive industry. They sell commercial dive equipment and offer commercial dive training. Their shop is truly involved in many aspects of the dive industry.

"We're into really into Scuba.
We live it, and breath it.
We work with every body."
-Gary Sonnleitner, Owner

Superior Scuba Center
regularly stocks...

Pro Force Fin
Pro Force Fin

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Owner Gary Sonnleitner on Force Fins...

"My favorite fin is the Tan Delta Force Fin. They move me through the water better than any other fin. They're easy to get on and off, compact, light, easy to pack, don't give me leg cramps, I can wear them with shoes, I can climb ladders, walk, and even run when I'm wearing them. Force Fins allow me to kick with a shorter kicking cycle resulting in less work. I could go on all day about how much I love Force Fins...

We have open water check out at the end of our courses and I have everyone climb the ladder. Those in Force Fins can walk right to the edge. Everyone else ends up having to take their fins off.

I let customers try all kinds of fins. They always choose the Force Fins. Most of the municipal dive teams in the community use Force Fins (Police, Sheriff, and Fire Departments) . Some times a customer might be hesitant because of the price, I just let them try them out in the pool. Once they try them they're like, "Hey, this is the fin."

Sometimes one customer will be looking at some Force Fins and another customer will let them know what they think. They practically sell themselves. Force Fins are the best hands down.

We're real hard core when it comes to our fins. You'll never see me wearing anything else. If they ever go out of business I'll probably have to come down there and buy it so we can keep getting them.

The entire staff here are all die hard Force Fin users. We test all kinds of different fins, and Force Fins prove themselves over and over again. Sometimes I can't even get people to try other fins.

I only use Force Fins. My daughters are three and four years old and they have their Force Fins. I wouldn't let them wear anything else. There is just simply no better fin out there."

-Gary Sonnleitner, Owner of Superior Scuba Center

Superior Scuba Center is a Force Fin test site.
Their staff is trusted by Bob Evans to give straight forward and
honest evaluations of products based upon
sound experience and expertise.
Bob Evans' Seal of Approval
If Bob Evans trusts their opinions,
you certainly can.

See our new Force Fins with interchangeable blades...
New for the year 2002...
Morphable to fill your every diving desire!