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About Crawdaddy's SCUBA

Crawdaddy's SCUBA teaches in small groups, small classes, and gives individual attention, which translates into excellent customer service. Join them for a trip on a liveaboard to the rigs that lie in the Gulf, just 80 miles off the Mississippi coast. Rigs act like an artificial reef, providing a place where life can attach and grow to enormous size in clear, open water. Most of this life grows in the top 40' feet of the water column and it is quite a spectacular to dive.

You can also join Crawdaddy's SCUBA on a trip to Cozumel 2 or 3 times a year, as well as trips to Belize, Cayman, Turks & Caicos, Flower Gardens, in Texas, or any number of places in Florida.

Harry's Favorites are Pro model Force Fins... Cindy prefers the Originals...
Crawdaddy's SCUBA
regularly stocks...
Harry's Favorite Force Fin Story...

"I have bad knees. I tried Force Fins for the first time in 1996. After a weekend of teaching, I was surprised to find that my knees didn't hurt on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. I've been diving Force Fins since, and I honestly believe that kicking Force Fins helped recondition and strengthen my knees. I haven't had to take a cordizone shot since that first weekend kicking Force Fins..." -Harry Gunther

Crawdaddy's Scuba is a Force Fin test site.
Their staff is trusted by Bob Evans to give straight forward and honest
evaluations of products based upon sound experience and expertise.

Bob Evans' Seal of Approval

If Bob Evans trusts their opinions, you certainly can.

See our new Force Fins with interchangeable blades...
New for the year 2002...
Morphable to fill your every diving desire!

Original Force Fin
Original Force Fin

Pro Force Fin
Pro Force Fin

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