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The Art of Design: The Innovative Designs of Bob Evans,
Erik Buell and Burt Rutan

Design ist okay Innovationstransfer, Herausgegeben von Heiko Bartels
Bauhaus-Universitat Weimarn. Universtatsverlag, 2000

The Art of Design:
An Exhibition of American Design

"Bob Evans is a pioneer scuba diving equipment inventor as well as an accomplished diver and underwater photographer..."
Harry J Wirth for The American Design Network, 1993
Force Fins on Display
Force Fins on Display
by Harry J. Wirth
"The Coolest Inventions of 2002" Time Magazine, November 18, 2002
"Counterintuitive and ravishing, their form, as the surrealists would say, is uncanny."
RJ Smith for LA Magazine, October 2002
Prime Line
Original Force Fin

"Lightweight Force Fin flippers, provide more propulsion with less effort." V.S. for U.S. News & World Report, February 16, 1998

The Truth About Dive Fins
"Other fins make you work for drag slowing you down during the recovery or upstroke, when the snap and curve of the Force Fin blade does the work for you in generating thrust."
Original Force Fin
Original Force Fin
Foil Force Fin

Foil Force Fin
.... the fact is that to be ingenious, an innovator and to think beyond the rest of the industry, beyond tendencies and beyond what fashion dictates.... (Article is in Spanish)
Nora Camara for Inmersion, April 2003

Equipment Matters New Force Fin Review: Hydro Foil
"...the FOIL FORCE have grow on me. They are definitely one of the best designs Iíve used..."
Matt Crowther for
Dive Magazine

Fast Lane
"When it's play time, high-velocity designs rule. Welcome the latest peak performance to the wide world of sports."
One Magazine, Feb/Mar 2001

If you can read portugese you can see what Trip magazine has to say about the Beaver Force Fin...
Trip Magazine
Aug, 2001 no. 92
Foil Force Fin
Foil Force Fin
Tan Delta Force Fin

"The Ultimate Scuba Setup for recreational divers ready to go a little deeper"...
This month Tan Delta Force fins featured in a Men's Journal scuba section entitled "UNDERWATER TEST Scuba's Cutting Edge Going Deep with the Best New Diving Equipment"...

To Dive For
" The best and best-looking fins are the same. They are Tan Delta Force Fins, designed by Bob Evans."
Medium Rare
, September 5, 2003

Equipment Innovations
"In terms of maneuverability, the Tan Delta can't be beat. I found that with proper foot positioning I could even swim backwards..."
Sport Diver Magazine, Nov/Dec Issue 1994

The Male Animal
"Force Fin's Tan Deltas, shaped like the caudal fins of big, ocean-running fish, are truly rad..." Esquire
Tan Delta Force Fin
Tan Delta Force Fin
Slim Fin
"...The Force Fin Slim Fin's open-toed design allows you to flex your foot as you swim..." Cooking Light

The Truth About Swim Fins
WHY USE FINS? Increase fitness and cardiovascular conditioning,
Increase ankle flexibility, Develop leg and swim kick strength,
Improve body position and technique so you can swim fast

Slim Fin
Slim Fin
Extra Line
Extra Force Fin
Extra Force Fin
Extra Force Fin
SCUBA doobie do
"Modeled after the V-shaped caudal fins on fast fish like marlins, Force Fin's Extra scuba flippers... sport plastic "whiskers" that channel more water for speed."
Womens Sports & Fitness

"Swim fins that could turn you into a Navy SEAL..."
Outside, October, 1998

Flipper Off
"Last year at the family picnic, you got slaughtered by Aunt Suzie in the swim race. That will never happen again..." Maxim, 1998

Consumer Products
"...Evans redesigned the traditional fin..."

Diving's Most Radical Fin Design
"Get a thrill from shifting the gears on a super high performance sport car? Wait'll you try shifting into "high" with the Extra Force Fin! Like a sport car, this fin can be "shifted" into first, second and third..."
By Bonnie Cardone of
Skin Diver Magazine, Oct. 1994
Excellerating Force Fin
Extra Forces
"For those of you who dream of being a Navy Seal without all that training, you can, or at least, look like one..."
Asian Diver, June/July 2000
Test Dive
"My buddy says the difference in feel is like the difference between wearing sandals and work boots
Gary P. Joyce for
Sport Diver Magazine, August 1998

Quickest Way to Flip Out
"To help you beat the heat this summer, we scoured the planet for the loudest, fastest, and most high-tech adult toys on the planet..."
Maxim, July 2000

"...I power kicked off and it was like catching a ride on a passing shark: little effort and lots of speed..."
Kevin Gurr for
Dive Magazine
Excellerating Force Fin
Excellerating Force Fin
Adjustable Line
Beaver Force Fin
The Stuff of Sport
Shallow Ideas

"Designed for surface swimmers, which most snorkelers are..."
Beaver Force Fin
Beaver Force Fin
Multi Force Fin
Multi Force Fin
Multi Force Fin
If you can read portugese you can see what Trip magazine has to say about the Multi Force Fin...
Trip Magazine
Aug, 2001 no. 92
Fab Line
Fab Force SK1
Flipper Slippers
"On your next trip to the lake, take a comfortable pair of flippers for your swimming, scuba diving or fly fishing needs..."
Houseboat Magazine

Simply Fabulous...
Force Fin's Fab Force

"...a fin blade that offers high performance but is very lightweight... the Fab Force design features a split "V" blade that helps channel water behind you efficiently for a powerful yet near-effortless kick..."
Dive Training Magazine, Nov. 1999
Fab Force SK1
Fab Force SK1
Fab Force FT1
Editor's Choice Award 2000 for Fab Force FT1Fab Force Pack Fins
"...They felt extremely light, produced, plenty of power, and were the easiest fins I've ever used for rotating the tube and changing direction. Force Fin has another winner here..."
From the Editors of
Fly Fish America
January, 2000
Fab Force FT1
Fab Force FT1
Fab Force SD1
Fab Force SD1
Fab Force SD1
Gear and Gadgets
"...The movement of the blade felt similar to that of a traditional fin, offering resistance on both the up and down strokes, but the propulsion generated was significantly better than my regular set of "stiff bladed" fins..."
Daryl Carson for
Skin Diver, October 2000
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