Foil Force feature our patented upcurved blade that works with your most efficent and natural kick strength curve. Kick forward to activate the blade, let the snap of the blade catapult you forward and do the work for you on the recovery.

A power and recovery kick is more efficient than one with two way -- up and down -- stress.

Foil Force Fin's feature our toes-free foot pocket that reduces cramping and leverages power from your strongest kicking muscles, for a most efficient kick. Clean edges that cut through the water without turbulence.

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information see
"The Truth About
Dive Fins

Hot Flippers
Force Fin's Foil Force

has an upcurved blade that
lets scuba divers go longer
and deeper with stronger,
more efficient kicks."
Women's Sports & Fitness

July/August 2000

Bob Evans Designs, Inc.,
2000, 2001
All Rights Reserved.


and Snorkeling



"I did a comparison swim with the Foil Force and another split brand. I swam for 500' at 15' of depth. With your fin I went farther, faster and used less air wearing twin 72's and a wetsuit."
-Hal Watts, Owner of
Hal Watts Forty Fathom Grotto

Independently moving wings let you fine tune your position with small foot and leg movements, and are upcurved to focus and channel water behind. Vortex Generators keep water fast-flowing to where it meets a pair of flapping foils that accelerate the water through the split behind you.
Fin Blade:
Polyurethane, stiffness 87 / rebound 78
Fin Bouyancy:
Negative 10% / They sink
Fin Colors:
Bahamian Blue, Jet Black, Navy Gray, Neon Yellow, Purple
Fin Sizes:
Medium Large, Large, Extra Large and 2-X Large
Fin Straps:
Parachute webbing with ladder-lock buckle and Comfort Tubing Heel Protector
Fin Strap Upgrade Option:
Elastic Bungie Heel Strap with Comfort Heel Pad
Fin Accessory Options:
Comfort Instep for Perfect Fit and Ultimate comfort

Manufacturer's Warranty:

1-year limited

"...y es que ser ingenioso, innovador y pensar un poci mas de lo que el resto de la industria, la tendencia, o la moda impone,...
Nora Camara por Inmersion, April 2003

"The key to the efficiency of the fin is in the curled edges on the end of the each blade, which direct water through the split, creating forward thrust."

Matt Crowther for Dive

"Shaped like a fish's tail, the foil force has a unique split-blade design that creates a stream of backward-flowing water to propel you forward. Its stiff plastic compostion responds better than rubber on the upkick."
One Magazine, Feb-Mar 2001